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Old Glory Service Dogs 4 Veterans (“Old Glory” OGSD) is dedicated to serving Military Veterans, Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS Personnel in Flagler, Volusia, and surrounding areas. Old Glory aids in the selection and training of service dogs to promote independence and support the physical and mental health of America’s heroes.

Each member assists in the training of their service dog which allows the member to become invested in the process, the member-community, and their dog. Old Glory works with area shelters, donor-breeders, and rescues to identify and select dogs to match each member on an individualized basis. Each animal is evaluated based on our member’s specific needs and abilities. The training of a service dog is dictated by objectives to be achieved which in turn, dictates certain prerequisites that can often limit selection.

Serving Those Who Served                    

A service dog is a working animal, not a pet. Statistically, the development of trust, bonding with the dog, and the responsibility of caring for another life promotes positive mental health and healthy social interaction.

Every day, 22 U.S. Military veterans commit suicide. Every eight seconds, one animal is put to death in U.S. animal shelters. Our mission and our organization serve to preserve life and enable reintegration with social environments, community, and often family.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, of the 750,000 Veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, approximately 100,000 sought mental health care. Half of those were diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Getting Started                                          

If you are a Military Veteran, Law Enforcement. Firefighter, or EMS who has been diagnosed with TBI, MST, or PTSD and would like to find out if a service dog would benefit you, please contact us at info@oldgloryservicedogs.org